USC00155235 Normals 2010

Weather data were collected by the co-op site at KY MAYFIELD STATE POLICE from 1981-2010. The monthly and, if available, daily normals for the data are arranged into tables below: a table and figure for information on the site itself, a table for monthly normals, and another table, if available, for daily normals.


KY MAYFIELD STATE POLICEUSC0015523536.8583-88.6686137.2m
This figure could not be loaded because your browser does not support SVG images. A description of the figure follows. This figure is a climograph depicting precipation data for the co-op site at KY MAYFIELD STATE POLICE. Precipitation values are measured in inches. These values may also be taken from the following monthly normals table.


[X] max row value, [N] min row value


PRCP52.18 4.084.524.504.805.73[X]4.474.222.79[N]3.583.964.455.08

see on monthly normals page.


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