Opportunities for Students

As a charter member of Western Kentucky University's Applied Research and Technology Program (ARTP), the Kentucky Climate Center provides opportunities for students to actively engage in a variety of research and service activities.

Students can enhance their skills in quantitative analysis using a variety of hardware and software to explore and model climatological data, gain experience in qualitative analysis of current and historical events through field investigations and archived climatological and news publications, and participate in the design, operation, and maintenance of networks of climatological observation stations.

In addition, students are encouraged to attend local, regional, and national conferences. By presenting their research and gaining exposure to the broader scientific community, students can gain valuable experience that will help them in pursuit of advanced graduate education and career opportunities.
Kentucky Climate Center Staff:

Dr. Stuart A. Foster

Director, State Climatologist

Dr. Rezaul Mahmood

Associate Director

Dr. Greg Goodrich

Service Climatologist